``Zira Agro`` is a guaranteed quality and natural products
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``Zira Agro`` is a guaranteed quality and natural products


Beef Tomatoes
These are large-fruited varieties, weighing more than 250 grams. They are also called "fruit tomatoes". They are used for cooking, juice, ketchup and pasta, canning in pieces. Fruits of pink, yellow and other colors are usually eaten fresh. The pulp of beef tomatoes contains a large amount of sugars, solids, lycopene, beta-carotene. They have excellent taste and aroma!
Cherry Tomatoes
Cherry tomatoes are small-fruited varieties, from 12 to 18 gr. The main difference between Cherry and other tomatoes is expressed in the increased composition of dry nutrients and sugars, dissolved in the extracellular juice. Cherry tomatoes perfectly tolerate canning and pickling, and their internal composition allows you to create unique canned flavors, thus Cherry proved to be indispensable for hot chicken and fish dishes, for fresh salads and snacks.
Branch-tomatoes are medium-sized varieties weighing between 90 and 140 grams.
The hybrid has an appetizing color, attractive appearance and a unique taste. Tomatoes are popular with retail stores and are recognizable among customers. The quality of Truss fruits meets all market requirements. They are rich in vitamin C, potassium, folate and vitamin K. Perfect for baking or serving fresh.
Kumato tomatoes
These are large tomatoes with a juicy dark color originally from Spain. The pulp is sweet, sugary, fruity, due to the high content of vitamin C and antioxidants. Kumato is widely used in salads, fresh and suitable for preservation, and also great for hot cooking.
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What features are inherent in the tomatoes of "Zira Agro" LLC?
The products of "Zira Agro" LLC are distinguished by their natural composition and benefits for the body through growing tomatoes in an atmosphere of care for each fruit. We do not use hormones and harmful substances when breeding crops. Our goal is to grow a healthy product and deliver it intact to our customers. Tomatoes are being shipped in 5 kg boxes. The harvested crop can be stored for up to 10 days under certain storage conditions. Our tomatoes are the standard of consumption.
Production and development.
Thanks to innovative technologies for climate control and irrigation, our agricultural company minimizes electricity consumption, reduces waste and allows us to fulfill the company's potential. We feel responsibility for the production of fruits and berries without using growth stimulants and colorants. The use of UV filters and osmosis for irrigation eliminates the risk of crop diseases. Fertilizers are carefully selected by our specialists. Products are tested annually using the strictest standards, and drainage analysis is carried out monthly in Europe.
"Zira Agro" is a guaranteed quality and natural product.
Why do we use bees for pollination?
The use of bees for pollination is one of the most important factors in obtaining excellent taste and quality of the fruit. The main feature of pollination of tomatoes with the help of bees is the possibility of complete elimination of use of hormones for cultivation, due to its mechanism. The Bambus bees, our little helpers, are hardworking and clean. This genus of non-bearing bees ensures the production of non-GMO products.


Zira Agro is a guaranteed quality and natural product."Zira Agro" LLC has been successfully operating in the CIS market since 2010, having started production in Zira from 3.5 hectares area. In 2012 we mastered new spaces and expanded the enterprise by acquiring land in Russia, in the city of Pyatigorsk. At the moment, we have expanded to the year 10, and the company's production capacity is over 4.2 thousand tons of products per year.We manufacture unique products, preserving the natural benefits and taste of berries and fruits. "Zira Agro" LLC has a "Global G.A.P." certificate, which is a system of standards for ensuring the safety of grown agricultural products. Currently, this quality standard is one of the GFSI approved standards.We invite wholesale buyers and distributors to cooperate. We will gladly consider all proposals for joint work. For delivery and payment questions, please contact the company representative directly using the message field or contact our managers on the phone number + 994(50) 254 54 52.Yours faithfully and best wishes - A. Ilyas, General Director of the agricultural company "Zira Agro" LLC.

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